Updates available under Jetsetting – 2017 Kimberley

September 2018 trip to Russia & the Baltic States is now on the web

December 2018 trip to Asia is all but complete with a few photos to come.

April 2019 Ghan Train & Alice Springs area is yet to be posted.

February 2020 A cruise to the Antarctica, 6 weeks in Spain/Portugal & 3 months UK

John and Gae Rheinberger
“Glenelg” Buckajo

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  1. K&K Benson says:

    Hi John and Gae,

    Kath and I were studying the South Coast bushfires earlier this year and noticed that the fires came close to Bemboka which is near to Buckajo. We hope that you were not affected.

    And now, we have the coronavirus. Your website stated that you were off on an Antarctica cruise and then to Spain, Portugal and the UK. Hopefully, these plans were changed and that you are now safely back to Buckajo.

    Kath and I journeyed to Busselton, WA for the Vets Teams event in early January 2020. We were in WA for 3 weeks and had a great time. We used to live in WA in the 1990’s so we caught up with a few friends and travelled around to see some old, and new, places. I have to say that the Busselton tennis facilities are sensational. The new facilities are well designed and a pleasure to play on the new grass surfaces.

    While we were in Busselton, our son, Tom, arrived on a cruise ship. He is the CMV Marketing Manager for Australia and he was working on the cruise ship from Adelaide to Perth. So the tennis finished on the Friday and he arrived on the Saturday. We picked him and his partner up and we went to Margaret River to a winery and gin distillery and had a great time. They were back on the ship by 5.00pm and we continued our trip around Margaret River region.

    We had a family Zoom hookup last weekend with Brian and Liz in Albury, Mum and Col in Sydney and us. Unfortunately, Pete was busy on a research project and Marg and Gary were tied up with their family. Mum is well and, so far, she is being very responsible by staying self isolated. She misses her weekly Trivia Night at the local Tavern but she understands the importance of avoiding contact with people.

    Hope you two and the family are well. It is difficult not having any tennis to play. The Berri Teams Vets event in May 2020 has been cancelled and the comps are on indefinite hold.

    Keep well and best wishes.

    Kath and Kevin Benson

    • Hi Kath & Kevin
      Thanks for your contact and news.
      I would like to have gone to Busselton this year too, but last Christmas on our cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore we spotted this cruise to the Antarctica and then added Spain/Portugal and 3 months in the UK. All went well until the third week in England when Boris said all people over 70 should lock down for four months. We decided that Buckajo would be best for us and caught QF2 out of Heathrow on March 21st and arrived in Sydney at 6.01 on the 23rd. We transferred to a flight to Canberra and collected a hire car at the airport and dropped it off at Merimbula.
      We have been home for four weeks now and all is OK.
      I have now updated our web site rheinberger.com.au and with Gae’s writing it makes good reading.
      I have put together all the museums of transport that I have visited and I will send you a link in a separate email.
      I spoke to Rob Hughes in Melbourne yesterday and he is hoping that the Yarrawonga tournament in November may go ahead.
      I am looking forward to a hit at Merimbula when we are allowed to play.

      I have your mothers phone number and will give her a ring for a chat.
      Stay well and will keep in contact.
      John & Gae

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